Winter Exterior Maintenance Tips

Although Virginia may not receive the same brutally snowy conditions as other parts of the country, we still see a decent amount of snow and ice during winter months. Your home’s exterior is your first defense against these conditions, which is why it is important to utilize the proper maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your home and those inside of it healthy and cozy.


Eliminate Ice on Siding


It’s common for ice to buildup on parts of siding that do not see much sunlight. While a flurry here and there is nothing to worry about, large clumps of ice that are left to melt can cause widespread damage to siding. Boards can weaken under the weight and become vulnerable to severe water damage. If you spot ice crystals on your exterior this winter, brush them off as fast as possible to avoid siding repair.


Check Gutters Regularly


Storm damage is an ongoing threat, even in the winter. Your gutters are invaluable assets during severe weather, as they prevent water from draining onto roofing and siding. This isn’t the case, however, if they are blocked by leaves, debris or ice. Check gutters regularly throughout the winter and remove debris as needed.


Thwart Water Damage


The best action you can take when your roof needs repairs is to schedule them as soon as possible. Whether your shingles are starting to split or your flashing is dislodged, tending to these problems quickly can prevent significant water damage and even heftier bills.


Lower Your Energy Bill With Roof Replacement


When maintenance doesn’t seem to cut it for your roof, it may be time to cut your losses. An old or damaged roof starts to become expensive when it needs constant repairs, not to mention the level of efficiency you lose. If you want to keep maintenance to a minimum and enjoy a boost in efficiency this winter, talk to your contractor about total roof replacement.