What Icicles Really Say About a Roof

When you think of winter, snowy scenes come to mind. Icicles are generally part of that winter wonderland, but they are a lot less magical than you may think. Icicles of all shapes and sizes on roofing should be taken as a warning sign. This isn’t always the case, of course, but it’s always better to err on the safe side. Here are a few things those ice formations may be saying about your roof.


1. Your Gutters Could Be Clogged


Icicles on gutters can indicate a wide variety of issues. In some capacity, they signal that gutters are not draining efficiently. Instead, moisture is accumulating and dripping out of gutters, forming icicles along the way. Knocking them down does not resolve the problem, other than limiting weight, because water is backing up just behind them due to a jam of leaves or ice. Call your contractor right away to avoid serious roof repair.


2. You May Need Ice Dam Removal


If you do have an ice dam, or a literal frozen blockage inside gutters, you may need professional assistance to move it. These obstructions are not only very heavy in weight, but also hazardous when moved. Additionally, in most cases, it simply is not possible to flush them out of gutters. Instead of taking a DIY approach, let your local roofer handle the heavy lifting. He or she is the best authority on ice dam removal.


3. Water Damage Is a Threat


Icicles also illuminate the threat of water damage. This excessive moisture poses risks not just for roofing and gutters, but also home siding. As they start to melt, icicles can drip right onto your exterior. When they are frozen, any incoming precipitation gets caught and backs up into roofing overhangs.


To avoid leaks and costly water damage, call your contractors as soon as the first icicle forms.