Siding Offers More Than Style

Most have heard that home siding offers tremendous style and curb appeal, but is that really enough incentive to consider installation? While we think panache is a perfectly good reason to add siding, we also know there are many more benefits to this exterior material than looks alone. Here are four more reasons to call your siding contractor.


  1. Provides Exceptional Insulation


One of the best advantages of siding is the insulation is offers. Whether it is hot or cold outside, siding will help keep your home comfortable. It keeps heat out in the warmer months and ices out cold in the winter months. For you, this means a noticeable reduction in your monthly cooling or heating bill.


  1. Keeps Your Home Healthy


Reduced energy costs aren’t the only benefit of siding’s superior insulation. This feature also helps create a healthier home environment. It locks out pollution and other environmental irritants to keep indoor air clean. If you or someone in your family is sensitive to air quality, siding could be a helpful solution.


  1. Increases Home Value


While you may not care about the appearance of your home’s exterior, future buyers are bound to. Even if you do not see a boost in style as a benefit, you may feel differently about a boost in your asking price. Buyers recognize the value in siding for its timeless appeal, energy savings, and protection from the elements. If you are looking for a quick way to increase your home value, look no further than high-efficiency siding.


  1. Eliminates Painting Maintenance


Lastly, contractors love home siding because it cuts down significantly on maintenance. In fact, some models, like James Hardie siding, eliminate the need to paint altogether. It is readily available in a full spectrum of colors.


You don’t have to be a professional designer to appreciate these benefits of installing siding.