Preparing for the Future with Roofing Contractors in Chesapeake, VA

In a news article published online by the Daily Press last September 14, 2013, survivors from around Virginia recount the bitter memories they experienced during Hurricane Isabel’s onslaught 10 years ago:

Hurricane Isabel’s winds pushed over giant trees that stood for decades — even centuries in some cases — in neighborhoods in Newport News, Hampton and elsewhere, crashing into homes and power lines and cutting electricity to millions. The howling winds peeled off roofs and left gaping holes in the sides of apartment buildings.

Industry News Residents across the Peninsula and throughout the region endured weeks without electricity, waited in lines that extended blocks for gas or fuel, and came to consider a bag of ice a small treasure. Generators hummed around the clock while roving teams of sweaty workers gunned chain saws to carve up tangles of downed trees and limbs.

In the decade that has passed since Sept. 18, 2003, insurers, homeowners, localities and state and federal governments across Hampton Roads have spent hundreds of millions of dollars replacing, elevating, or rebuilding damaged homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Something as devastating and tragic as Hurricane Isabel could happen again to the region, and folks will need to prepare for it. It’ll take more than just replacing roofs to stop another storm from ripping them apart again, however. Residents who want to better protect their homes should have them serviced as often as possible by roofing contractors from Chesapeake, VA like Southside Exteriors who can also give expert advice on roof replacement should it be needed for houses that are in particularly dangerous locations. If your roof is made of too light a material, these companies can install a metal roof that is better suited for protecting against extreme weather.

Hurricanes are some of the most dangerous weather conditions we can experience. With strong winds, heavy rain, and hail and lightning strikes, these powerful storm systems pose multiple risks to anyone caught in their wake. Roofing, in particular, is prone to damage and it’s not unusual to see a home escape relatively unscathed from a hurricane, save for its roof—which has been torn or blown to pieces.

Locals will need to install only the best roofing materials on their homes to ensure that they don’t fly off. Chesapeake, VA roofing companies can secure your roof by adding nails or cementing it in place in preparation for the coming storms.

(Hurricane Isabel: 10 years later, painful memories are still fresh, Daily Press, September 14, 2013)