How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer

Now that warmer weather is starting to become a regular feature in our hometown of Chesapeake, it’s time to start getting excited about summer. While barbeques and fun outdoors are just about all we can think about, it’s still important to consider your home’s exterior. We can see our fair share of severe weather during the summer, so it’s a good idea to tend to your roof now before any small problems can turn into big ones. Here are a few ways to prepare your roof for summer.


Clear and Clean Your Gutters


Gutters are vital to the overall health of our exteriors, whether or not we like to take care of them. Help your roof out by removing any debris from gutters regularly. You want your drainage system to be able to handle all of the incoming precipitation, otherwise it will end up sitting on your house and foundation. After gutters are cleared, be sure to rinse them out with a hose. You can always ask your local roofer in Franklin for help with this if you do not feel comfortable.


Schedule a Professional Inspection


The best way to assess your roof for damage is to get the opinion of a professional roofer. An inspection can reveal much about the health of your home. It can also help pinpoint problems that may necessitate roof repair in Hampton. Your roofer will be able to make suggestions for how to best extend the life of your exterior.


Consider a Total Roof Replacement


If you know your roof is getting old or has been showing signs of severe deterioration, now is the best time to consider a total roof replacement in Chesapeake. By installing in late spring, you avoid the worst of winter weather and can have a new, functioning roof just in time for those summer storms.


These are just some of the best ways to prepare your roof for summer.