Chesapeake, VA Roofing Contractors Help Your Roof Last for a Lifetime

Roofs tend to wear out. Weather and other environmental factors can lead to the disintegration of this important part of your home. When a roof starts to show signs of decay, we usually question if it really needs to be replaced or if a simple repair job will do. To find the right solution without losing a lot of money, it is important to understand the scope of the damage.

A article explains that a leaking roof is only one of the signs that you need a new roof and there are other factors that you should take note of:
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  • Missing or torn shingles expose the roof to water damage and rot, and make nearby shingles more susceptible to being blown away. Old shingles will curl, split and lose their waterproofing effectiveness. These weakened shingles are more likely to be blown away by wind gusts.
  • Rusted or missing flashing can result in a leaking roof. Flashing is the metal that surrounds chimneys, skylights and vent pipes and often is found in the valleys where roof sections meet.
  • Check gutters, downspouts and splash pans for evidence of decay or damage. Broken pieces of paint and scraps of roofing may be visible.
  • Indoors, look for discolored plasterboard or cracked paint and peeling wallpaper.

Reputable roofing contractors in Chesapeake, VA like Southside Exteriors will tell you outright that if you spot these signs, your roof may be susceptible to further damage. One important solution to consider is to have your roof replaced.

Roof replacement is necessary for safety reasons. A new replacement roof will not only protect your home’s interior but will also protect you from the hazards of mold growth caused by leaks. Furthermore, having your roof replaced by a certified roofing professional means that it can be covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. Most companies that specialize in Chesapeake, VA roofing also offer maintenance plans as part of the contract. This means that the contractor can continue to inspect the condition of your roof even if the project has been completed.

Having a good and safe roof for your home is always important. Once you see signs of damage, make sure to get in touch with a certified roofing contractor right away. Roof replacement can be tough on the wallet, but it has to be done right so you can have a roof that will last for a lifetime.

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