4 Signs of Storm Damage

Spring and summer can bring some wacky weather to the Chesapeake area. Whether they’re weathering a hurricane, thunderstorm, or heat wave, our roofs work hard to protect us from the volatile elements. Sometimes, however, a rogue hailstorm can leave behind some serious storm damage in its wake. Here are four signs you may have sustained… Continue Reading

Can Your Home Handle the Snowmelt?

Temperatures are rising, snow is thawing out, and that means that spring and summer are getting closer. Before all of that snowmelt comes rushing to greet us, however, you’ll want to be sure that your roof and home are ready to handle heavy runoff. Here are a few ways to know your house is ready… Continue Reading

4 Roof Repairs to Make Right Now

Did you know that spring is one of the best times to consider roof repair? Because we’re right in between seasons, making repairs now addresses the worst of winter and sets you up to handle whatever summer throws our way. Some repairs are always more pressing than others, so talk to your local roofer about… Continue Reading

Preparing for the Future with Roofing Contractors in Chesapeake, VA

In a news article published online by the Daily Press last September 14, 2013, survivors from around Virginia recount the bitter memories they experienced during Hurricane Isabel’s onslaught 10 years ago: Hurricane Isabel’s winds pushed over giant trees that stood for decades — even centuries in some cases — in neighborhoods in Newport News, Hampton… Continue Reading