Cleaning Up After Summer Storms

Summer is officially coming to a close this month, which makes it important to tend to any lingering storm damage in Courtland, VA. Rain, hail, and win can all take a toll on our roofs during the warmer months. Fortunately, you can limit damage heading into fall by properly cleaning up remnants from summer storms.… Continue Reading

Preparing Your Exterior for Fall

With summer rapidly coming to an end and the start of football season just off the horizon, fall will be here before we know it. Conditions can change rapidly in the Chesapeake area during the volatile fall months, which is why it’s important to ensure your exterior is in its best shape possible. If you… Continue Reading

Why You Should Replace Your Old Roof Now

Why You Should Replace Your Old Roof Now

It’s no secret that replacing roofing in Chesapeake, VA, is one of the more costly projects a homeowner can commission. While it’s true that a replacement roof can sometimes come with an intimidating price tag up front, it’s also true that this investment pays for itself over time in several ways. Here are a few… Continue Reading

Sneaky Ways Leaks Can Get Into Your Home

Leaks are one of the leading causes of roof repair in Hampton, VA. While some forms of leaks can be exceedingly obvious when they surge in through the ceiling, others can work their way into your home slowly and can be more difficult to spot. Here are some of the many ways leaks can sneak… Continue Reading

Siding Offers More Than Style

Most have heard that home siding offers tremendous style and curb appeal, but is that really enough incentive to consider installation? While we think panache is a perfectly good reason to add siding, we also know there are many more benefits to this exterior material than looks alone. Here are four more reasons to call… Continue Reading

What to Look for in a Quality Contractor

Homeowners have nearly as many choices in their local roofer as there are stars in the sky, but that doesn’t make it impossible to find the best one for your project. Whether you need routine repairs or emergency assistance in the event of a storm, there are a few key traits to look for to… Continue Reading

4 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

A roof replacement is a major investment, which is why it’s important to undertake the task for the right reasons. While there are many cases in which a roof may be better served by a few repairs, there are also several benefits to starting fresh with a new roof altogether. Here are four of the… Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Invest in James Hardie Siding

4 Reasons to Invest in James Hardie Siding

When it comes to home siding in Courtland, customers have many choices. One brand you will hear a lot about is James Hardie, and there’s no surprise why. This brand has been delivering superior products in siding for many years. Here are four of the best reasons to consider James Hardie siding in Chesapeake.  … Continue Reading

How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer

Now that warmer weather is starting to become a regular feature in our hometown of Chesapeake, it’s time to start getting excited about summer. While barbeques and fun outdoors are just about all we can think about, it’s still important to consider your home’s exterior. We can see our fair share of severe weather during… Continue Reading

When to Replace Your Roof

Deciding to invest in a total roof replacement is a major undertaking, so it’s important to get the timing right. Whether your roof is 10 years older than its expected lifetime or you can’t seem to get rid of the mold on your underlayment, there are many indicators that you would be better off starting… Continue Reading