4 Signs of Storm Damage

Spring and summer can bring some wacky weather to the Chesapeake area. Whether they’re weathering a hurricane, thunderstorm, or heat wave, our roofs work hard to protect us from the volatile elements. Sometimes, however, a rogue hailstorm can leave behind some serious storm damage in its wake. Here are four signs you may have sustained damage on your roof.


  1. Clogged Gutters


Although we may not think of clogged gutters as a storm-related problem, they absolutely are. Gutters work tirelessly to ensure all precipitation and runoff gets diverted away from our homes’ exteriors. Sometimes, however, storms can kick up winds that bring all kinds of debris into our gutters. It’s important to help them continue to work efficiently by clearing all debris.


  1. Damage to Shingles


One of the more obvious signs of roof damage is broken shingles. Hail can do a number on shingles over the years, and damage can look like many different things:


  • Cracking pieces
  • Curling
  • Loose pieces
  • Rot
  • Splitting
  • Warping


Additionally, water damage can also foster the growth of mold. Call your contractor to inspect your roof if you notice any signs of deterioration.


  1. Denting on Metal Features


The impact of hail can also affect the metal features on your roof. While a fully metal roof should be able to withstand most impact without showing it, other features are more vulnerable. Flashing, vents, gutters, and downspouts should all be examined for denting and rust following a storm. You may need roof repair if the denting is serious.


  1. Leaks


Lastly, leaks are a surefire sign something is wrong. If they appear right after a storm, they may be getting in through either the roof or your siding. You may have a leak if you notice discoloration, water spots, or peeling paint on your ceiling and walls.


If you spot any of these problems on your exterior, call your roof or siding contractor right away.