4 Roof Repairs to Make Right Now

Did you know that spring is one of the best times to consider roof repair? Because we’re right in between seasons, making repairs now addresses the worst of winter and sets you up to handle whatever summer throws our way. Some repairs are always more pressing than others, so talk to your local roofer about improving your roof for spring. Here are four of the most important repairs to make right now


  1. Clogged Gutters


We may groan at the thought of maintaining them, but our gutters play a vital role in the health of our roofs. If it has been a while since you’ve cleaned and cleared your gutters, now is the time. At the very least, make sure to remove any lingering debris like leaves and twigs. It’s also a perfect time to eliminate any pesky ice dams. Your gutters will be working over time to handle spring snowmelt and precipitation, so make sure they’re clear and running efficiently.


  1. Rusty Flashing


Flashing is particularly susceptible to storm damage, so it’s a good idea to make sure yours is in its best shape heading into spring. Have your roofer check for flashing that is loose, rusty, or otherwise damaged. It’s important to repair or replace flashing right away, as these areas are more vulnerable to water damage than others.


  1. Damaged Shingles


Now is also a good time to tend to any weary shingles on your roof. Cold and ice can both leave their mark on shingles. Damage can look like shingles that are:


  • Broken
  • Curling
  • Loose
  • Missing
  • Warping


Your roofer should also check for problem underneath shingles, including mold, mildew, and rot.


  1. Bogged Down Vents


You’ll want your vents to be ready to go come spring, so have your roofer check to make sure they are clear of any obstructions and are providing adequate circulation.


These are just four of the most important roofing repairs to make right now.