3 Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

Now that cooler weather has officially moved into the area, it’s time to pay extra attention to the health of our roofs. Any problems sustained during the fall months or lingering from summer storm damage in Franklin, VA, should be addressed now in order to prevent more extensive and costly issues from developing this winter. Here are three maintenance tips to protect your roof this fall and beyond.


1. Repair All Leaks


You may not notice that small leak right now, but you sure will when it comes gushing through your roof later this year. Leaks can become larger and work their way deeper into your home during the colder months thanks to the drop in temperature. This change causes cracks to contract and grow, allowing for even more moisture to enter your home. Call your local roofer in Courtland, VA, to come fix those lingering leaks.


2. Replace Broken or Missing Shingles


While your roofer is there, have him or her check on the condition of your shingles and other materials. Broken or missing shingles should be replaced to promote roof health. If they are left untended, you’ll notice an enormous amount of unexplained energy loss this winter. Damaged shingles cannot provide adequate insulation. Often simple roof repair in Hampton, VA, is sufficient in fixing or replacing a few broken shingles. If problems are extensive, however, a total replacement may be a better investment.


3. Clear Gutters Frequently


If gutters are blocked by fall foliage, twigs, mold, animals, or any other impediment, they cannot do their jobs. Instead of runoff being directed away from your home and foundation, it will be guided directly onto siding and other features. These obstructions also put you at risk of developing ice dams, which are some of the biggest threats to overall roofing health and efficiency. You can avoid the problem by regularly clearing gutters of leaves and debris.


These are just some of the best things you can do for your roof this fall.